Residential Lending

First Home Loan

We understand that buying your first home can be daunting. That's why we aim to take the stress out of the process.

We can give you advice such as why it's a great idea to get a pre- approval certificate before starting your house hunting so you know exactly what you can afford to spend. We can get up to 95% mortgages (with a saved deposit).

If you have no deposit we have some other solutions, like using a guarantor to get your mortgage approved (usually a family property).

Top Up Loan

Topping up your home loan for a major purchase or debt consolidation is easy. Contact us and we should be able to complete the majority of the process for you over the phone and by email.


If your fixed term mortgage is about to expire we can talk with you about your current Loan structure.

Together with you we can discuss and decide what is right for your mortgage. We can negotiate the interest rate for you and often get any refix fees waived.


If you are thinking about changing banks with your mortgage we can identify your current loan requirements and find the bank that is just right for you. Refinancing your home loan can also be an ideal opportunity to look at the way your accounts are set up. And as things change in the future we can review your circumstances and ensure your mortgage is always working hard for you.

No-Doc and Low-Doc Loans

These are available for people who are unable for a variety of reasons to prove their income. This type of loan is ideal for the self-employed or for those who not only have a wage or salary job but also have other sources of income.


Construction Loans

Although most of our lenders will finance the building of a house, we have a couple who offer specialised loans for construction. See our Construction page for more information.

Loans for Credit Impaired

For a variety of reasons some people may have an adverse credit history but we have lenders who specialise in offering loans to people who would not qualify for main bank criteria.

Mortgagee Sales

For those people who have fallen behind with their mortgage payments and the bank is threatening a mortgagee sale, we have lenders who are prepared to offer loans to give them a fresh start.

Investment Properties

We are familiar with the loan structure requirements for popular property investment structures such as LAQC’s. If you are investing across the Tasman we are also accredited as an introducer to two Australian lenders making the often difficult process of obtaining a mortgage off-shore easier.

Personal Loans

We can help arrange personal loans for any reason. From buying a new car, to debt consolidation, or a holiday.

We have loan providers who can lend too if you have credit problems. For self employed borrowers we may not even need your financial statements.

The process is fast, sometimes with 24 hours to get approval.
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Equity Release Loans

Elderly people often have most of their wealth tied up in their often mortgage free homes. We are able to offer loans to release the equity in the home and the loan does not have any repayments. This then gives the person access to cash for any purpose.

Financial Freedom Faster

By structuring your loan and payments to suit your needs we can help save you considerable time and money over the life time of your loan. We focus not just on the interest rate but on the whole package being offered by the bank with the goal of helping you to pay your mortgage off faster so you can be well on the road to financial freedom. We will also help to point out any hidden fees charged by the banks you may not be aware of.

Preparing your application to present to the bank can be mind boggling and confusing. We will tell you what documents you need to get ready so you get it right first time. We can also help pin point possible areas of concern the bank may have when considering your mortgage so you can put your best foot forward enabling you to secure your loan.

We also have access to a good network of professionals who can assist you to make your mortgage application easier including lawyers, conveyancers, valuers and building inspectors. We communicate with all relevant parties if the bank happens to have any questions about your application.


We’d love to help get you moving so you can join the many other clients who we have helped to secure a mortgage.
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"When applying for a mortgage, how your application is presented has a lot to do with your success.

People don't always put all the facts or put themselves in the best light.

It's about putting their information down clearly and accurately and sometimes thinking outside the square.

This is very important in today's market when banks are tightening up their criteria."

Vanessa Belton
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