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New Zealand is a land of innovators with around 95% of New Zealand businesses classified as small to medium sized enterprises.

Perhaps you got into business because you wanted to achieve financial wealth? Or maybe you want to focus on a service or product you are passionate about?

Let's Work Together

Greenlight Mortgages takes a team approach working closely with your other strategic business partners such as your lawyer and accountant. We get to personally know both you and your business so we can help you to get the finance you need to get your business moving.

Tap into our Expertise

Business and franchise financing is a specialised field that requires expertise and planning. For example banks often take a cautious approach to start up business, especially when unsecured lending is needed. It is important that the information provided to the bank is presented correctly. We can help you understand the information you need to put forward as well as pin pointing possible areas of concern the bank may have when considering your mortgage so you can put your best foot forward enabling you to secure your loan. To make life as easy as possible we also ensure the structure of your repayments will fit into the cash flow of your business.

Because we have access to a wide variety of different business lenders we can match you up with the bank and product best for you. No matter whether you require finance for a start up business or are borrowing to finance growth and expansion we can tell you what your options are.

More Information

We can provide you with the banks start up business package information but also business templates that can assist you with general business planning. If you are starting up a new business tap into our wealth of knowledge and find out what things you might need to be aware of. We can also provide you with other assistance to get your business moving such as recommending good networking groups and offering access to New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association business seminars.

Now and Into the Future

Because we personally get to know both you and your business when things change we can be on hand to help assist with your future finance needs. Perhaps you are looking at a different point of sales/payment option? We can advise on which bank might suit you better saving transaction fees. Or perhaps you have the opportunity to expand and want to assess the viability of this? Be rest assured our advice is in complete confidence and can often help you to assess the situation and plan appropriately before approaching the bank.

So what are you waiting for?

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"Dealing with Greenlight Mortgages gives business owners the best of both worlds – they have an ongoing relationship with us to discuss their needs and concerns confidentially and they have a relationship with the bank to take care of all the mechanical day to day things required to successfully run their business."

Vanessa Belton
Greenlight Mortgages

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